We offer a range of creative and marketing services:



Video Editing 

Social Media Strategy 

Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses and Startups


Local Frame Media has collaborated with WhistlePig Whiskey on several video and photography projects. This short video was shot in 2015 at the opening of their state-of-the-art distillery. It includes aerial videography and was shot with Cannon 5DIII. 


Middlebury School of Hebrew


Local Frame Media produced this fundraising video for the Middlebury College School of Hebrew. The Middlebury Language Schools are one of a kind summer intensive language programs that are known for their Language Pledge. 



Stonecutter Spirits specializes in the art of aging craft spirits. Local Frame Media likes to sip on aged craft spirits- so it was no brainer to choose to collaborate. Stonecutter Spirits is also passionate about bringing Vermont makers together in their famous Adventure Dinners; speakeasy-style gatherings in unexpected places. They collaborate with other Vermont makers and local food producers to create dining experiences unlike any other. We also produced a cocktail series for social media. 


Local Frame Media produced a video series for Seedsheet for social media marketing. They were used in promoted posts on Facebook, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads, as well as in website, newsletters, and email marketing. 


Local Frame produced a video, and photography content for print, web, and social media marketing.  


Local Frame Media produced a brand video and three social media ads for Walden Local Meat, a company dedicated to supplying the highest quality of 100% grass-fed beef and other pasture-raised meat from farms around New England.

 We produced this short video in collaboration 1% For the Planet and fellow member Sap! Beverages.

We worked with Women Online and The Philanthropic Initiative in Boston to produce a series of videos for the “Invest for Better- Women Lead the Way” campaign. The series includes one general video and five one-minute profiles to be used on the website and social media.


Local Frame Media produced a brand video for Champlain Orchards' award-winning hard cider. We re-purposed the content and created short social media videos in order to maximize the value of the content. 


 We produced this quick video for HayMaker Bun to use in their website, social media, and newsletter.

We produced two promotional video for The Arcadian, a Modern Italian Restaurant based in Vermont. The videos were used on their website, and as social media ads.