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“The Vermont Fresh Network Annual Forum Fundraiser truly is a dinner like no other, but words could never really describe the magnificence of the evening. Local Frame Media gave us a vehicle to introduce a whole new audience to our event and show them what we as a Network do best - create unforgettable Vermont food experiences. Duna sought out the unique personalities, sips, and tastes of the Forum to capture the energy and create usable, versatile video content that took our marketing to a new level. “

Grace Meyer, Communications Manager at the Vermont Fresh Network

"We hired Local Frame Media to produce several promotional videos as well as photography for our educational programs. They are incredibly professional and punctual, and they produce beautiful content that translates our marketing messages into effective visual pieces. They are passionate about their work and mission, and it shows in their attentiveness and communications. It’s always a pleasure working with Local Frame Media.”

Vardit Ringvald, Director of the Middlebury School of Hebrew


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“Duna creates media elements that are memorable and capture the essence of her clients!"“

Stacey Rainey, Partner at Community Barn Ventures.